Pageant Media Workers' Guild

We are Pageant Media’s US-based editorial team covering the registered, private, credit, and real estate
investment sectors.

We believe in our amazing colleagues and our market-leading products. We are forming a union to build a
diverse, rewarding work culture that elevates diligence and excellence. Our investment in the company
and products we contribute to is evident, and we hope that our decision to unionize will be taken as
further proof of that dedication.

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Recent News

On Thursday, July 2, 2020, Pageant Media Limited enacted layoffs and business changes impacting six members of our unit. These changes notably impacted our visible unit leadership in the immediate wake of our organizing victory. Three of our members — including our Unit Chair, David Isenberg, and Vice Chair, Luke Tuchscherer — were told their work was no longer needed due to management’s plan to restructure the business. A fourth member was offered a role back in London at half the salary he currently works for in New York.